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Managed Infrastructure

Reduce your IT costs by 25% with predictive operations and automation offered as part of our Managed Infrastructure Services.

In the digital economy, CIOs play a major role in responding to customers’ changing needs and reducing future capital expenditure. To achieve their objectives, CIOs and IT leaders must adopt a completely new approach to infrastructure management.

Nowadays, where speed and agility are essential, IT teams are under constant pressure to keep up with the business and optimize resources. To this end, IT teams are increasingly focusing on value added services and moving away from managing server and storage farms.


Manage your IT assets more efficiently and allow limited IT resources to focus on key initiatives.

GlassHouse Managed Infrastructure allows our team to be a cost-effective extension of your IT team. We are equipped with tools, expertise and delivery assurance to provide enterprise grade IT solutions.

GlassHouse Managed Infrastructure Services, acting as part of your organization, provides the following capabilities:
  • Current inventory of assets
  • 24 × 7 availability and performance monitoring
  • ITIL based event management and solution
  • ITIL based problem management
  • ITIL based change and configuration management
  • Special customer representative
  • Detailed reporting

GlassHouse Managed Infrastructure Services expansion


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