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SAP Consulting Services

GlassHouse has exceptional experience in blending operations and analytics.


GlassHouse’s IT Infrastructure approach is simple: Simplified IT with Cloud-First approach.

To achieve this: Provide Security & Availability & Performance for SAP Solutions in order to manage sustainable IT Infrastructures.

GlassHouse invests internally on new ways of optimizing IT such as Virtualization and Cloud Computing to understand and provide customers efficient solutions. Currently, GlassHouse provides the following Design and Installation Services:

  • Capacity Planning, Sizing and Configuration Services for SAP Solutions for on-premise, private cloud and public cloud deployments
  • SAP Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Cloud Computing infrastructure design, deployment and managed services
  • SAP Solution Installations on all Supported Platforms (OS + DB)
  • SAP Business Suite Applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, ...)
  • SAP NetWeaver Solutions (e.g. Portal, PI, BW, BPM, ESS&MSS, ...)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Solutions (e.g. BI Suite, GRC, DataServices, ...)
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.x and Scenarios
  • SAP Contact Center (aka SAP BCM)

Are you tired of resetting passwords for internal users? Are your end users unhappy as they have to remember different passwords for different SAP systems?

We have experience in all the different options for SSO in SAP.

What we offer?

  • Implementing the SAP Single Sign-on product to all SAP solutions within the company with AD logon integration.
  • Implementing SAML2.0 based SSO solution for external facing SAP solutions such as Fiori and Portal.

Today’s organizations are facing unprecedented and diverse challenges: Increased competition, globalization, and regulations are driving organizations to continuously seek new solutions that can improve their business performance. Upgrade Goals:

  • Avoid «End of Support»
  • Enable new functionality
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Standardization
  • Consolidation
  • Landscape optimization

By upgrading, you can improve business processes, leverage existing IT assets, and boost productivity and profitability. You can also better manage a cost-effective and low-risk upgrade project, optimize returns on your IT investments, and achieve a smooth transition to a new solution environment.

What we offer?

Our consultants can work with you to upgrade your IT landscape – so that you can effectively perform upgrade:

  • Analyzing the existing systems by means of software and hardware for upgrade
  • Considering SAP Data Archiving before upgrade
  • Considering migration and/or virtualization
  • Re-sizing the network, storage and server infrastructure
  • Collaborating with functional upgrade team
  • Estimating cost and endeavour
  • Defining and allocating project and team resources
  • Mitigating risk and verifying quality
  • Accessing the resources and skills for realizing upgrades
  • Conducting Delta - System administration workshop

The SAP application generates a significant amount of data, which increases with every new release. The growth of the SAP database is generally reflected by a reduction in system performance, increased pressure on system management employees and processes and rising costs.

Currently only about 30% of current SAP customers worldwide keep their database growth under control by archiving data and in turn keep their SAP systems in peak performance.

Through Data Archiving powered by SAP NetWeaver, your benefits are:

  • System Availability
  • Use of Resources
  • Better Performance
  • Legal Compliance

What we offer?

Our Data Archiving Service focuses on implementation of individually designed archiving projects that are best suited for our customers. We develop and implement solutions that make mass document and data archiving easy.

The following services are provided:

  • Analyzing SAP System to define the content and plan of an Archiving Project
  • Data Archiving for ABAP Systems
  • Data Archiving for PI Systems

Planning a major technical SAP project? Need a good project manager who also has extensive experience with SAP? At GlassHouse, we have highly skilled technical project managers who will help you achieve a successful project implementation.

Is Your Company Facing...

  • Large and rapidly growing SAP systems?
  • The need to test and validate in-house developments?
  • The challenge to scramble sensitive data?
  • Multiple parallel IT projects?
  • Demand to simulate new business scenarios?

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a high-speed data extraction tool that populates your development, test, quality assurance, and training systems with SAP business data from your live productive environment.

With SAP TDMS you can:

  • Reduce data volume
  • Simulate production environment
  • Automate system refreshes
  • Selectively refresh individual clients
  • Extract data based on business objects or organizational units/time slice
  • Scramble sensitive data

Available Data Extraction Scenarios:

  • Refresh of data in development systems
  • Build lean project systems - Shell Creation
  • Build lean project systems - Transfer of Master Data and Customizing Data
  • Build lean project systems - Time-based reduction
  • Standalone Data Scrambling
  • Full Transfer of Client-Specific Data
  • Data Transfer Through Files for SAP ERP

Challenges with security? Do you have too many “red lights” in your Early Watch reports? Our consultants can assist with analysis and suggest specific steps to take your SAP system back to the high standard your company deserves.

What we offer?

  • Design of Security Architecture, naming conventions and processes in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley act
  • Design and development of SAP Security Roles/Activity Groups ready for SAP GRC implementation
  • SAP Single Sign-on implementation for SAML2.0 and X.509 based SSO scenarios.
  • Help customers to resolve issues with EWA Security alerts
  • Make customers SAP Systems ready for ISO27001 Audits
  • Plan and deploy secure external access to SAP solutions (e.g. Fiori, Portal) by leveraging SAP Web Dispatcher or 3rd party Reverse Proxies

Occasionally there will be changes in your SAP environment which means a migration of the OS or database will be required. The migration project is not complicated, but you need experience and confidence.

Platform Migration is «Copying a SAP System WHILE changing Operating System and/or Database».

GlassHouse Platform Migration Service, including design and implementation, helps accelerate the journey to a more efficient and reliable infrastructure with minimal downtime. Our Migration Service covers the following:

  • Guidance to decide which platform best meets your business requirements
  • Planning of migration to provide a smooth transition for end-users
  • Designing of new infrastructure with consideration of virtualization
  • Testing migration on production copy to minimize risks on production system
  • Migrating the production system with a minimal downtime
  • Creating or updating system infrastructure document
  • Conducting Delta – System Administration Workshop for new platform

What we offer?

The migration capabilities we provide with our Certified Consultants include:

  • OS/DB Migration of AS ABAP, AS JAVA or Dual Stack Systems
  • Unicode Migration of AS ABAP, AS JAVA or Dual Stack Systems
  • Physical to Virtual Migration of AS ABAP, AS JAVA or Dual Stack Systems
  • Physical to Virtual Migration of AS ABAP, AS JAVA or Dual Stack Systems

SAP customers need an outlook of their system for continuous management, performance, security and technical readiness of operations such as an upgrade and/or migration.

A SAP health check is carried out according to a defined process based on our extensive experience of SAP. The health check is carried out by consultants with experience in SAP integration and architecture. A detailed report with specific recommendations for improvement will be delivered to the customer.

Our Assessment services covers all these requirements and are the Premium Services provided as a Packet Service by GlassHouse.

Assessment Services

Our premium support services provided by senior consultants, who have more than 8 years of experience, are:

  • SAP HEALTH Check

Long response times in SAP? Transactions timing out? Long running reports? Transferring data from one system to another takes hours? Upgrade of hardware without any results? Is this the reality of your business? Is it time to get SAP professionals to analyze why? It could be more cost effective to adjust current systems instead of constantly throwing more hardware at the problem. We have the experience and to analyze your SAP environment and come up with concrete proposals on how to get your SAP system back where end-users are satisfied.

The journey to SAP S/4HANA is in full swing. SAP S/4HANA provides a platform well suited to the demands of the Intelligent Enterprise in an always-on, digitally-connected and Big Data-driven world.

Our proven methodologies, assets and capabilities for conversion to SAP S/4HANA enable us to help clients on their end-to-end journey.

What we offer?

  • Capacity and project planning of SAP HANA Journey
  • Journey to Cloud with SAP S/4HANA.
  • Deploy SAP HANA based solutions on-premise, private cloud or public cloud.
  • SAP BW/4HANA or Business Warehouse on SAP HANA migration.
  • SAP S/4HANA or HANA pilots and proof-of-concepts.
  • SAP HANA HA solutions
  • SAP HANA DR solutions
  • SAP HANA appliance or TDI deployment
  • SAP HANA maintenance

Deliver exceptional customer service – online and on the phone – with SAP Contact Center

Improve customer service across call, e-mail, and Web channels – even when customer service volumes are high and resources are stretched. SAP Contact Center software can help you seamlessly queue, prioritize, and route customer contacts. Optimize contact center operations, provide fast access to problem solvers – and embed multichannel communications in SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce applications.

Why SAP Contact Center?

Because today’s customers need to feel valued and supported across all channels. SAP Contact Center uses smart contact routing and handling to ensure your customers reach the right people to solve their problems – fast. With our contact management software, you can:

  • Facilitate omnichannel customer service with a universal routing engine
  • Embed omnichannel communications to improve agent productivity and first contact resolution
  • Personalize customer service with insight from real-time customer data and analytics

What we offer?

  • Project planning
  • Requirements and capabilities matching
  • Single server installation
  • Multi-server installation
  • Configuration
  • IVR configuration
  • IVR Python development
  • Report builder
  • Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
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