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PowerEdge Server Family

Take Your Company to the Next Level with The PowerEdge MX

The PowerEdge server family handles a wide range of high-performance computing (HPC) as a data store, e-commerce, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), databases, and a data node he’s an expert. Configured with 3.5″ drives, it provides fast-accessed storage of up to 48TB in databases, business intelligence, and HPC applications.

Maximize computing performance ® with a wide range of workloads with the intel® Xeon® processor product family and state-of-the-art DDR4 memory. Increase applications’ data access with up to 16 12Gbps SAS drives and high-performance dual RAIDs. Use advanced accelerators and GPu to maximize performance in HPC, VDI and imaging environments.

PowerEdge enables you to build and manage highly efficient infrastructures for servers, data centers, and small businesses. Reduce time to reach the production stage with less manual steps using automated deployment processes and reduce error potential. Innovative iDRAC Direct and iDRAC Quick Sync deliver in-depth health and rapid deployment, improved performance per watt and more detailed control of power and cooling to optimize the data center’s energy usage. Increase IT’s efficiency with server-to-server management tools.

By simplifying and automating key server lifecycle management tasks, the Dell Technologies OpenManage systems management portfolio makes IT operations more efficient and the most productive, reliable and cost-effective innovative solutions. Powered by the Lifecycle Controller technology of PowerEdge built in and the integrated Dell Technologies Remote Access Controller’s (iDRAC) incomparable agentless capabilities, openManage’s portfolio and third-party management solutions through integration, server deployment, configuration, and updates are facilitated.

Monitoring and control of Dell Technologies and third-party data center hardware is provided by OpenManage Essentials and through mobile access at any time and location via OpenManage Essentials and through OpenManage Mobile. OpenManage Essentials now adapts to a pre-defined main line with automatic drift detection that automates multiple PowerEdge full server and operating system deployments and rapid and consistent replication of configurations server configuration management capabilities.

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