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About us

GlassHouse is a market leading IT infrastructure services provider.

Our  company, culture and portfolio were built to serve the leading enterprises with the most demanding business continuity needs.

Our Mission: Gathering region's best team under our roof and being a member of your team by owning your business.

Our Vision: To be the leading IT company in the region, providing customized IT infrastructure services to businesses by constantly improving our portfolio.

About GlassHouse:

We support our customers in their digitalization journey with our deep technical expertise in 3 key areas are Managed Cloud and Security Services, SAP Infrastructure Service and Business Continuity Services. Data is the most valuable asset in the new economy.

Data assurance is part of our DNA. GlassHouse engages with the largest enterprises in the region to assure mission-critical data and ensure business continuity with hardware, software, and service solutions.

SAP is the digitalization engine for the region’s leading enterprises. GlassHouse is a specialist in SAP infrastructure solutions and supports the business processes of some of the largest SAP customers in the region.

GlassHouse's approach to Cloud is that it is not a place, but an operational model. GlassHouse builds and runs enterprise-grade IT infrastructure wherever needed: On-premise, On GlassHouse Cloud, On Microsoft Azure, or on a combination of all.

Cybersecurity is a complex phenomenon that affects business’ reputation and requires a new risk management approach. GlassHouse offers Turkey's most secure cloud to its customers by meeting all cyber security needs of businesses with its Managed Cyber Security services portfolio.

Central Registration System Number, commercial title, headquarters

Central Registry System Number: 0613048194700014

Commercial title: Glasshouse Bilgi Sistemleri Ticaret A.Ş.

Headquarters: Ayazağa Mah. Cendere Cad. No 109-I Vadistanbul 2A Blok

Kat 6 Daire 51-50-49

Sarıyer – İstanbul

Name-Surname of Chairman of the Executive Board and Its Members

EB Chairman: Murat Erkurt

EB Vice Chairman: Ahmet Faralyalı

EB Member: Alp Bağrıaçık

Amount of subscribed and contributed capital

30.000.000 TL

Title of the auditor, headquarters, registered branch

Title of the auditor: Güney Bağımsız Denetim ve SMMM A.Ş.

Headquarters: İstanbul Sarıyer

Registered Branch: İstanbul
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