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Siemens Case Study

Siemens Case Study


Company name: Siemens

Sector: Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunication


Advantages Provided

  • Secure data storage with DELL TECHNOLOGIES software and hardware products
  • Expert support from GlassHouse
  • A simple and easily managed backup infrastructure
  • Reduction of backup and restore times
  • Decrease in costs


Siemens has decreased operational costs while increasing the security of its backup environment with a technology refresh project using GlassHouse...

Siemens IT Solutions and Services intended to build a robust and efficient backup environment while decreasing operational costs. To succeed with the project Siemens chose DELL TECHNOLOGIES’ hardware and software solutions recommended by GlassHouse

Why GlassHouse?

 “GlassHouse conducted a preliminary study in cooperation with the IT team of Siemens.IT Solutions and Services in order to identify the present situation and needs. Following this assessment, they focused on technologies which would satisfy the demands of our business.GlassHouse’s assesment proved to us that the benefits of the leading Purpose Build Backup Appliance of the market, DataDomain would meet our expectations.’”

Selim UTKU – Siemens IT Solutions and Services Desktop & Server Group Manager


  • Siemens IT gained significant benefits  in its backup operations with the adoption of DELL TECHNOLOGIES’ DataDomain.
  • Backup and restore times have been reduced greatly and a significant level of operational efficiency has been achieved.
  • The complexity of the legacy backup infrastructure has been reduced. Moreover, procedures and policies have been simplified; the risks in data restore processes have been minimized and costs have been reduced.

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