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L'Oréal Case Study

L’Oréal Case Study


Company name: L’OREAL Türkiye

Sector: Cosmetics


Advantages Provided

  • Secure data storage with DELL TECHNOLOGIES software and hardware products
  • Expert support from GlassHouse
  • A simple and easily managed backup infrastructure
  • Reduction of backup and restore times
  • Decrease in costs


L’Oréal has upgraded its backup infrastructure with Dell DataDomain and Dell Backup Software with GlassHouse Consultancy.

L’Oréal is a leading beauty company operating worldwide with 21 local and international brands for more than 100 years.

L’Oréal  uses cutting edge technologies not only to support its  Research & Development activities, but also its sales and customer satisfaction processes. L’Oréal, aims to extend its  its leadership in the beauty sector with investments in technology.   The company has recently upgraded  its IT backup operations in Turkey using DELL TECHNOLOGIES’ Networker and DataDomain solutions with GlassHouse consultancy services.

Why GlassHouse?

L’Oréal has been experiencing explosive data growth which has resulted in lengthy backup times and complex operations. To eliminate these challenges L’Oréal has chosen to upgrade its back up environment. GlassHouse was chosen as the consultant to lead the project due to its extensive references and experience in data backup and business continuity operations.

Noting that they have executed a successful project in cooperation with a reliable business partner, IT Systems Manager of L’Oreal, Abdullah Sen stated the following:
“The disorganized structure of outdated technologies posed a continuous risk to our operations. Thanks to GlassHouse, we transformed using technologies which will resolve our challenges. Now we have peace of mind."


  • An easily accessible and secure backup environment  has been established,
  • Backup times have been reduced,
  • The risk for data loss has been eliminated,
  • Operational efficiency has been achieved.

About GlassHouse

We support our customers in their digitalization journey with our deep technical expertise.

In the digital world, some IT workloads will continue to exist on on-premise infrastructure, while some workloads be destined for the Cloud. GlassHouse is a hybrid cloud provider that can serve its customers with on premise equipment as well as Cloud solutions and support for SAP & Microsoft Applications.

As a world class hybrid cloud solution provider, we open our operations to periodic international audits. As a result of these audits, we continue to operate as an official SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner and  Dell Technologies Cloud Service Provider.

GlassHouse’s model views cloud not as a place, but as an operational model. To support this model GlassHouse offers residency services as well as Managed Services to leading enterprises.


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