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BKM Case Study

BKM Case Study


“Our lives has become much easier with DataDomain ve SourceOne solutions from  DELL TECHNOLOGIES and  GlassHouse services. We can now easily access our backups when need be.”

Bülent MUŞLU
BKM System and Communication Manager



Sector: Banking


Advantages Provided

  • More secure backup with the use of modern technologies
  • Maximum efficiency and security
  • A simple and easy to manage backup infrastructure
  • High reduction in backup and recovery periods
  • Reduction in costs


BKM (Interbank Card Center) is leading the market with its operational efficency and transaction volumes. BKM has decided to transform its backup environment using Dell Technologies archiving software and  Dell Purpose Built Backup Appilances  with  GlassHouse consultancy services.

BKM which pioneered the transition to a cashless world in the payments sector, provides services in the creation and operation of systems, platforms and infrastructures that provide or support all kinds of payments or money transfers without the use of cash.

BKM , aims  to provide the best service to B2B and B2Cpayment systems boasts advanced IT infrastructure and well trained human resources. To take its operations to the next level, BKM transformed its backup infrastructure with DELL TECHNOLOGIES andGlassHouse.

Why GlassHouse?

BKM IT team, had difficulties in managing legacy backup systems based on tape technologies and  were also not comfortable with the inherent risks associated with using tapes for backups.They also wanted their electronic correspondence to be archived and stored for long-term with easy accessibility. Accordingly, BKM team decided to use Data domain and SourceOne solutions of DELL TECHNOLOGIES that GlassHouse team.

BKM System and Communication Manager  Bülent Muşlu, gave the following information about the process:
“We aimed to create a system that could make fast backups, make recoveries in the shortest time and store the data in a completely secure environment. At the same time, the high number of our e-mails caused us serious problems in archiving.

In this context, we saw that DELL TECHNOLOGIES products are the best options as a result of our research. GlassHouse is well known as  one of the most important partners of DELL TECHNOLOGIES and have extensive references in the data backup and business continuity space. As a result, we decided to work with GlassHouse on this project.”


BKM, after creating a new backup environment with GlassHouse, gained the following benefits
  • Backup periods have been dramatically reduced.
  • Exchange server started to be backed up and restored on a individual email (item) level.
  • Reduced risk of losing data and failing to recover from backup.
  • No more need for manual operations, reduced cartridge and operating costs.
  • Disaster Management location has been activated.

About GlassHouse

We support our customers in their digitalization journey with our deep technical expertise.

In the digital world, some IT workloads will continue to exist on on-premise infrastructure, while some workloads be destined for the Cloud. GlassHouse is a hybrid cloud provider that can serve its customers with on premise equipment as well as Cloud solutions and support for SAP & Microsoft Applications.

As a world class hybrid cloud solution provider, we open our operations to periodic international audits. As a result of these audits, we continue to operate as an official SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner and  Dell Technologies Cloud Service Provider.

GlassHouse’s model views cloud not as a place, but as an operational model. To support this model GlassHouse offers residency services as well as Managed Services to leading enterprises.


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