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Ceyhun KIRAL Deputy General Manager- Infrastructure Management & IT  Security

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Sector: Betting Games



Advantages Provided

  • More secure backup with the use of disk technology
  • Maximum efficiency and safety
  • A simple and easy to manage backup infrastructure
  • High reduction in backup and recovery times
  • Decrease in cost


BİLYONER.COM TRANSFORMED ITS DATA BACK UP ENVRITONMENT WITH DELL TECHNOLOGIES AND  GLASSHOUSE CONSULTANCY SERVİCES, one of the participants of Çukurova Holding, was established as Turkey’s first electronic chance betting platform in 2004., going through a rapid growth since its establishment and has decided to  transform its back up environment with DELL TECHNOLOGIES Networker and DataDomain solutions that GlassHouse recommended. The new platform will offer massive benefits to thanks to deduplication technologies.

Why GlassHouse?

“The backup software we used before did not satisfy us both in terms of performance and support. With the recommendation of GlassHouse’s team we chose DELL TECHNOLOGIES Networker backup software for its capabilities. We rely on GlassHouse’s service quality and DELL TECHNOLOGIES’ solutions for backing up 3 different locations.”

Ceyhun KIRAL – GMY- Infrastructure Management &IT Security

Current Status IT team, due to the rapid growth in their environment  realized that legacy backup software was not sufficient for both backup performance and media management.; having a very sensitive approach about backup, transformed their back up environment  with DELL TECHNOLOGIES Networker solution and GlassHouse consultancy.

Benefits, chose DELL TECHNOLOGIES Networker as their back up software and combined Networker with  the market leading PBA (Purpose Built Applicance) featuring deduplication capabilities: DELL TECHNOLOGIES Data Domain has the gained the following  benefits  with the new Backup and Deduplication Platform:
  • While the backup and restore periods are reduced, backup speed is
  • The risk of losing data and failing to recover from the backup is reduced.
  • Management of different locations and backup media has become easier.

About GlassHouse

We support our customers in their digitalization journey with our deep technical expertise.

In the digital world, some IT workloads will continue to exist on on-premise infrastructure, while some workloads be destined for the Cloud. GlassHouse is a hybrid cloud provider that can serve its customers with on premise equipment as well as Cloud solutions and support for SAP & Microsoft Applications.

As a world class hybrid cloud solution provider, we open our operations to periodic international audits. As a result of these audits, we continue to operate as an official SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner and  Dell Technologies Cloud Service Provider.

GlassHouse’s model views cloud not as a place, but as an operational model. To support this model GlassHouse offers residency services as well as Managed Services to leading enterprises.


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