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GlassHouse Cloud

GlassHouse Cloud Data Center


Located in a 43,000-m2 campus, our data center is equipped with the latest technological infrastructure required to safely protect, store and manage your data.

GlassHouse Cloud Data Center consists of 3 major sections

Aside from being an eco-friendly LEED PLATINUM standards designed data center, it is also a digital castle with technical, environmental and physical security measures at the highest level.


  • Data center is located in Turkey.
  • The building has been custom-designed and constructed to serve exclusively as a data center.
  • It is protected against possible lightning strikes.
  • Although it is located in a low risk earthquake zone, all critical equipment are secured with seismic isolators.


  • Energy and data cables are ready and connected up to the cabinets.
  • Energy and data cables run through separate cable trays, baskets, and terminate in cabinets.
  • No raised floor within white space area.
  • Access to the Systems Control room is controlled by a biometric security system.
  • Front and back cover of each cabinet are protected by digital access control system.


  • The energy infrastructure meets Uptime Institute Tier IV criteria.
  • Power is supplied by two separate transformers. Each has the minimum capacity of N+1 and is active-active in nature.
  • All power suppliers (grid, UPS, generator) are voltage-equalized and protected against sudden power changes.
  • The generators supplying power to the data center have a minimum back-up of N+1.
  • The generator tanks supplying the data center have the capacity to supply the data center for at least 24 hours on standby charge.
  • The generator groups are synchronized among themselves. The charges within the data center are supplied by 2 separate UPS groups.


  •  The climatisation infrastructure meets Uptime Institute Tier IV criteria.
  • Air Cooling & Conditioning system has N+3 redundancy.
  • Air Cooling & Conditioning System has air-to-air indirect free cooling technology.
  • Hot-air aisle containment approach is used. Inlet temperature will be 24 °C (+/- 5 C).
  • Humidity will be 50% RH (+/-25% RH).
  • Air Cooling & Conditioning system has 24/7 cooling and humidity monitoring & control in case of any breakdown


  • There is at least 2 PDUs in each cabinet.
  • Each PDU is powered by a separate UPS group.
  • PDUs can be monitored remotely and the power consumption of the entire PDU can be measured. There will be no measurements per socket, but it will be possible to switch on/off each individual socket remotely.
  • Smart PDUs are employed to distribute power to the active devices within the cabinets at the data center. Due to cabinet design, PDUs can be installed at “0” U height and at a vertical angle to the cabinet.
  • Smart PDU 1PH (single phase) has the capacity to draw a current of 32A.
  • Average 4,5kW energy will be provided per cabinet. If necessary, it is possible to supply a 3PH (three-phase) 32A current.


  • All cables and related equipment are manufacturer-factory tested.
  • The copper cabling can support speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps.
  • The fiber optic cabling is at least OM3 standard and supports speeds of up to 10/40/100 Gbps.
  • All the fiber optic and copper parts (cables and connectors) of structural cabling are supplied by the same manufacturer.
  • Pre-terminated fiber infrastructure based around MPO connectors have Max. Insertion Loss value of 0.35 dB, and Min. Return Loss value of 27 dB. 8 MPOs cassettes can be installed per cabinet.


  • Only authorized visitors and personnel can enter the campus.
  • Multiple levels of biometric and classical security checkpoints exist within the data center

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